The Rusty Blades Ice Hockey Club plays Sept to April and is located in Southwest Virginia and plays its games at the Roanoke Civic Center in Roanoke, VA and at The LaHaye Ice Center in Lynchburg, VA. We also play at The Lancerlot Sports Complex in Vinton, VA.


Skating is open to men age 45, and women age 35, and over. Basic skating skills are needed.  We will evaluate your skating skills to see if you are a good fit. There is no age restriction for goalies. Lynchburg has just a few younger than 45 years old to skate. This skaters were grandfathered in from previous policy. The Board of Directors has reviewed these exceptions.

Our Style of Play

Our games are not intended to be overly competitive. Bob Coffin our founder called The Rusty Blades “old farts hockey”. Skaters have various levels of ability. We greatly encourage most highly skilled players to include players of lesser skill levels in the playmaking. We are out on the ice for the fun and benefits of a good hockey game. Check out our “Rules” page. While we want as many players as possible to participate with us, some of you may be seeking a higher level of competition. Our Travel Team does provide that higher level. Style of play is reviewed within the program’s guidelines. Remember you must wear a helmet with at least a half shield.


The Club carries a roster of 20 regular players (2 teams with 2 full lines) plus goalies, providing 10 players on each bench. A group of spare players is available to fill in for the regulars when needed. Regulars are responsible to remove their names from games they cannot play, to allow spares the opportunity to play.


Teams are made up prior to each game, once the game’s roster is known. This allows players the opportunity to play with and against the others. Every effort is made to keep the teams balanced and players are sometimes “traded”. This is done with the intent of keeping the game interesting and competitive for everyone. We mix up the teams each skating session.


Regulars pay, up front, for a block of games. Spares pay whenever they play, and pay per game. All payments are due prior to the games. Checks should be made out to the Rusty Blades Ice Hockey Club. Goalies are not required to pay, but any goalie who is scheduled to play , and cannot (work and family things happen), should assist in  finding a substitute. We must say that the goalies have been great in this area. Thank you so much!


The Club provides insurance to cover all members during Club games. This is supplemental to each player’s personal medical insurance. Details regarding this coverage will be made available to all members upon request.

Officers for 2021 – 2022

Gary Ruberg, President, Treasurer, Lynchburg

Rick Finger, Director, Captain Travel Team, Practice Sessions
Jeff Cole, Director, Roanoke
Derek Norwinski, Director, Roanoke
Jim Curtiss, Director, Lynchburg