Rusty Blades Ice Hockey


As a member of the Rusty Blades you accept the responsibility to:

  • Keep in mind that we are playing for FUN – lighten up out there on the ice!
  • Play by the Rusty Blades rules and respect your fellow players
  • Keep your stick down, keep your shifts short and share the puck
  • Remember that you alone are responsible for your actions out on the ice.
  • Remember that overly aggressive and unsportsmanlike play is not tolerated
  • Remember that there is no play out there on the ice that is worth risking the safety or well-being of your team- mates and/or the players on the opposing team
  • As a regular, you are to sign out of the nights you cannot skate. Please don’t ask someone else to do it for you except in an emergency.
  • As a spare scheduled to play, if you can’t meet your commitment, sign out to open your spot to another player
  • Remember that the members of the Board and the others who help make this organization successful are not compensated in any manner. They should not be expected to fulfill your responsibilities for you
  • Get your payments in on time!
  • Clean up the locker room around you – we’re supposed to be “mature” players


NO CHECKING ALLOWED: We recognize that some body contact is inevitable, but everyone is encouraged to play responsibly and avoid any contact that may injure themselves or another player.

NO SLAPSHOTS OR “GOLF” SWINGS (Keep Your Stick Below the Knees)
UNSPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT IS NOT TOLERATED: Hooking, slashing, tripping, cross checking, high sticking, etc. are not allowed. There is no tolerance for any type of play that might cause injury to another player.

Offside: When a team is offside, they just dump the puck into the offensive end and clear the zone. Then they can go right back in to continue play.

Icing: Icing is when the puck is cleared the length of the ice from inside the blue line, whether or not the goalie plays the puck. When icing occurs, the team that iced the puck must wait behind the red line until the offensive team brings the puck over their blue line, or has a player cross the red line.

Puck tied up by the goalie: As soon as the goalie gloves, ties up or covers the puck, the play is dead, so back off! There is no face-off. The offensive team just clears the offensive zone and then can go right back in and continue play.

After a goal: After a goal, the two teams line up at center ice. The puck goes to the team that did not score and the center of that team just drops the puck back to the defense to start play, after all 10 players are in position.

Shorts Shifts Are Mandatory: 2 minutes is plenty – then get off the ice!
Goal Scoring: Scoring is limited to 3 goals per player per game. Be happy with a “hat trick” and share the puck! Passing and play-making is encouraged. It’s the way this game was meant to be played and keeps everyone involved. Warming up the goalie: Start out at the blue line and be sure the goalie is looking at YOU before you shoot!

Full Equipment is required, including a face mask or half shield.

Team Rosters will be changed as needed to keep teams balanced and competitive.

Warm-ups: Everyone is encouraged to do some stretching exercises before play starts.

The Rusty Blades Spirit of Play: We’re here to have fun. Respect your fellow players. Get out on the ice, share the puck, and enjoy yourselves.

Thanks for being part of the group!