Substitution Policy

We are posting this policy to clarify any issues.

What is a Regular Skater?

Regulars sign up and pay for their spot, while the commitment is for the year, Fall to Spring, we collect 10 weeks of ice cost from each regular

What is a Spare?

Spares skate for Regulars that cannot skate Spares need to sign up on the website ( If a spot is open, Spares can sign up immediately. If no spots are open, Spares can join the waitlist. (We have expanded the waitlist to 7 players) Spares are then notified if they are given a spot to skate with a cancellation.

Can I skate for a Regular if we prearrange the substitution?

Short answer yes. You must alert the schedulers about this. If I skate for a Regular as a Spare, who do I pay? You will pay the current Spare rate to the Rusty Blades.

If a player gets injured, can I sub for him/her?

Short answer yes. This will need to be arranged with the schedulers.

If I skate for an injured player, who do I pay?

You will pay the Regular rate, not the Spare rate to the Rusty Blades. The injured player will not pay during this substitution period. Injured players may get a partial refund or credit if they paid in advance. Upon injury, a regular does not lose his skating spot.

How do the Goalies substitute?

Goalie Substitution in Lynchburg:

The regular goalie can arrange his own substitute if done greater than 1 week in advance and with the approval of the schedulers.

If within 1 week, the goalie will remove themself from the website, allowing the next goalie on the wait list to sub into the open spot.

If there are no goalies in the wait list, a call will be made to the next goalie on the randomly generated call list.

The list will be called until a goalie accepts the spot to play goal.

Example: A list is generated, the call order is Brendan/Tim/David/Tran Brendan is called first, he cannot play. Then Tim is called. David is called if needed. Then Tran. The list will be rotated for fairness.

Note: A Goalie can prearrange a substitute for an absence.